Tuesday 22 October | 09:30 - 13:00
The Lynch Suite,City Quarter, Lapps Quay
20 minute private appointments 



Dr Grania O'Connell is a dentist working in Cork Dental Care offering a full range of dentistry, orthodontics, tooth whitening . Grania will be on site Tuesday Oct 22nd to offer our Glandore Members a FREE 20 minute Dental Consultation.

Grania will carry out a visual examination of your teeth and offer advice and treatment options on orthodontic treatments, tooth whitening, tooth grinding, crowns/veneers , while giving oral hygiene advice and showing members correct toothbrushing techniques. She will also check your PRSI entitlement to see if you are entitled to your annual free dental clean.

Grania can also go through a diet analysis and help guide you on what foods and drinks are best for your teeth and what to avoid! If you have any other issues that you might like to discuss, please let us know in confidence in advance.

Please register via the events section of the online Glandore Members Portal. If you don't have a Glandore Members online account yet, please contact us. If all of the slots are taken and you would like to be placed on a cancellation list, please let us know.